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Creative designers with a green hart

Creative, Unique and Realistic

  • Novatores is a consultancy firm, established by five enthusiastic and experienced professionals in the leisure industry. The power of Novatores is our creativity and our ability to develop and elaborate innovative concepts for public spaces and leisure environments. While doing this we always keep in mind that our work has to lead to technically and financially realistic and economically sound projects.

    Because of our expertise in the field of zoos, we create, based on our knowledge of animalbehavior, innovative habitats for zoo-animals where human spectators experience really unique wildlife encounters and will learn to respect the animals.

  • Also, we are very capable to realize meaningful and spectacular experiences with animals. We do this of course with an open eye for the highest standards of animal welfare.

    Novators is the consultancy firm in the fields of Design, Imagineering, Concept Development, Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Communication Plans and Strategies and Exploitations of leisure environments (like Zoos, Leisure Parks, Playgrounds, Restaurants and Retail Firms) and public spaces. We deliver creative customization and we think in solutions.

What is important for within the project?

The philosophy of a Novatores

Our focus

Novatores focusses on the development and design of leisure environments. Our base is the philosophy that any human being feels more comfortable in an environment that meets natural human needs. These needs are the result of human evolution during which man has adapted to specific environments.

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Grounded on basic human needs

Humans feel most at home in half open park-like landscapes. These are rather similar to the half open Bushveld Savannahs of southern Afrika, where man supposedly has evolved.  Therefore it makes sense to spend your quality time in such an environment. Scientists discovered that there are five extremely important and decisive features for a positive appriciation of a leisure environment. These features can serve as a compass for the development of a new and distinctive zoo or attraction, playground, restaurant, shop, etc.

Of course we also use our knowledge of all aspects of the experience economy. Consumers have much higher needs in a shopping mall than just the purchase of a pair of shoes or a nice sweater. Just like they expect more form a leisure park than just roller coasters or just monkeys, tigers and elephants in a zoo. One likes to be surprised and to be fascinated at the same time. Spiritual enrichment and the building of meaningful memories have become number one goals in the experience economy. The provision of a well balanced mix of material and spiritual requirements, needs a specific approach of the concept development and the design of new services. Novatores is a suitable partner in defining the right course.

Once the right concept is defined, we are able to work it out in an absolutely innovative and disctinctive way. Important stakeholders should preferably participate in this process.

Our backgrounds are in zoos, visual arts, construction work, biology, communication and marketing. We are grounded on many years of experience in various disciplines and have been responsible for the development and design of different public-oriented projects.

In short, we can offer a lot to ambitious clients who are seeking ways to distinguish themselves with unique and innovative concepts.

Creative designers with a green hart

Who we are

Drs. Henk Hiddingh

Managing partner
Experience: more than 25 years

  • biology

  • concepcreator

  • zoo exploitations

  • innovative experiences

  • projectfinancing

Ir. Wouter Minkhorst

Managing partner
Experience: more than 25 years

  • Biology, ethology
  • conceptcreator

  • project and procesmanagement

  • masterplans & businesscases

  • investigation reports & feasibility studies

Jan Kempe

Art director
Experience: more than 25 years

  • imagineering
  • innovative experiences
  • 2 & 3 dimensional designing
  • modelling
  • landscaping
  • thematising

Jan Fuhler

Architectural designer
Ervaring: 16 jaar

  • technical imagineering
  • disigning in Autocad
  • 3Dimensional designing
  • architectural advise
  • fundraising
  • projectmanagement

Bernou Wagenaar

Communication/marketing specialist
Experience: 20 years

  • communication
  • marketing

  • education / edutainment
  • storytelling

  • Investigation reports & feasibility studies



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